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Accounting for farming enterprises

We take time to understand the needs of every of our clients. Our approach to farming business recognises your unique circumstances.

Farming, unlike many other commercial enterprises, is a specialist business with unique practices and conventions.

We recognise that farming is not just a business to our clients, but a way of life, and as such our approach to each client is tailored to meet their individual needs and objectives.

By listening to and understanding our clients' needs and hopes, we have developed a working method that centres around a relationship of trust and commitment. Our clients know that their accounts are in order and can trust that we are there to help whatever may come.

Our offices in the heart of the Freestate farming community provide a comprehensive range of agricultural accounting and taxation services that will give you the confidence to develop your business.

Tax and structural planning

Agriculture tends to be very capital intensive, so the approach to capital structure is very important. what was the best structure 10 years ago is not necessarily the best structure today.

We assist our clients is planning and implementingthe best capital and tax friendly structures.

Reducing tax liability

We specialise in agricultural and rural affairs supporting a range of farming, horticultural and rural businesses, working closely with you to make the most of the tax planning opportunities and reducing tax liabilities .

We apply a range of tax saving procedures and by careful planning, ensure that you pay the minimum amount of tax. Some examples where savings can be made are outlined below.

Cashflow and business planning

Our aim is to give you the freedom to grow your business

Experienced, expert advisors will work with you as part of your team, responding to your needs and ambitions to deliver solutions appropriate to you.

We have developed our accounts so that they clearly identify key performance indicators, enabling you to benchmark your performance against standard industry statistics.

We use the Gross Margin model of accounts to support management decisions. We will work closely with you and your advisors to make the
most of the tax planning opportunities – reducing tax liabilities wherever possible.

We can also help in the development of your business by providing:

  • Budget and cashflow forecasting, including presentation to your bank if required
  • Statutory audited accounts, incorporating gross margin management accounts
  • Business reviews
  • Farm strategy decisions – such as contracting farming arrangements and machinery sharing schemes
  • Reviewing financial arrangements on capital expenditure
  • Company secretarial assistance
  • Tax planning for all forms of business
  • Payroll and bookkeeping services
  • Assistance in the setting up of computer accounting packages
Whether you are looking for basic accounts and taxation services or looking to improve your bottom line (by enhancing performance, squeezing costs or diversifying into new areas), we are here to help.

By keeping up to date with the latest business developments, we can constantly improve our service and your response to market changes.

Our experience will enable you to manage and take advantage of the developments that arise in this industry.

Budgetary and financial control

Whatever the nature of your business, you need to be able to exercise control over the business activities, making sure that everything is keeping to plan and that necessary actions can be taken to put it back on track when needed. We use various budgetary and financial planning tools, included specialist farm accounting software, which we monitor at regular intervals, to ensure that your business is on-track to meet your planning requirements.

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