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Virtually Basic

Our Virtually Basic package provides the basic services and support a company requires to meet its statutory obligations (including VAT reporting). We also set you up with a Xero Account to ensure you are able to keep up to date with your bookkeeping throughout the year and do not miss the opportunity to access real time financial data about your business. Like all of our packages you will also be assigned to a Dedicated Client Manager who will look after you throughout your time with us.


Our GetVirtual package delivers two monthly management services as well as all statutory services. This package is suited to companies that want on-going support and advice on financial performance and have set log term goals to grow their business.

Totally Virtual

The Totally Virtual is exactly what it says it offers you everything.

This package is often viewed to be an out-sourced Financial Director service. It includes a large range of services that suit large companies and smaller companies on an accelerated growth mission who need additional support to allow them to scale up quickly. Management services are provided monthly and you are assigned to a Virtual Director who will provide strategic growth support. This package includes regular cash flow forecasting, review of funding options and discussions of financial performance.

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